“Hayati” at Gazebook

From 8 to  10 September Fabrica will be represented with the project “Hayati” by Karim El Maktafi at Gazebook, an event taking place in Sicily with the aim to promote photography and especially photobooks.

Hayati means “my life” in Arabic  and it’s an intimate photographic diary created entirely on a smartphone in which the author reflects on his own identity as an Italian born from Moroccan parents. The photographer chose a smartphone, a medium he considers less intrusive than a camera, to represent, through his own life, family and friends, his condition of “standing on a doorstep”  between two seemingly incompatible cultures.

The project is part of Fabrica’s exhibition  “Up to Now. Fabrica Photography” and was shown at FotoLeggendo, the photo festival in Rome.

Punta Secca, Ragusa
8-10 September

For more information about Hayati, click here.
For more information about Gazebook, click here.