In PEOPLE statistics become art

The illustrations by Fabrica’s resident Martina Zena will be exhibited at Festival of Statistics and Demography, which is taking place in Treviso next week end, from September 11th to 13th, 2015.

Martina took inspiration from the themes of discussion of the festival (school, senility, migration, magic and sport) and combined numbers to create five colourful faces. The illustrations, produced with a silk-screen printing technique, will be exhibited at the entrance of Palazzo Bomben (via Cornarotta, 7-9), while reproductions of her work will be available in the several locations of the festival.

Martina Zena was born in Bentivoglio, near Bologna, Italy, in 1989. She graduated in Painting and got a master’s degree in Art Graphic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In her research she combines different disciplines, from visual arts to design and performance. She has been a resident of Fabrica Editorial Area since March 2015.