Meet a Fabricante #13 – Angeles Ortiz

Angeles comes from Ecuador and is in our Design team. This week is very important for her because she’s finally seeing the launch of Inspired by Ecuador, a very ambitious social project that Angeles has conceived and made reality, coordinating 30 artists from all over the world to support Unicef in partnership with Diners Club Ecuador. In the interview below you can learn more about her and this project. Congratulations, Angeles!


Can you describe in no more than 30 words who you are and what you do?
My name is Angeles, Anheles, Angueles or as you succeed  to pronounce it ! I am mostly a daytime dreamer and I encourage people to follow their dreams. Oh! and also a Fabricante, for me both are the same.

What do you expect from your time at Fabrica?
I expect to collaborate more with Fabrica people to produce new personal projects and at the same time to find the balance to produce cool stuff for Fabrica’s projects. I am launching this week my personal project called Inspired by Ecuador. Now, after having worked with around 50 persons from all over the world I wouldn’t called it personal anymore, and this make me really happy.

What inspires you most?
Us! I am very intrigued by the differences between people, related to traditions, culture and habits.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
A very wise cousin one day told me an old saying I really like: “Vísteme despacio que tengo prisa“, that means to plan things in advance, even more if you are in a rush.

What do you miss of your home and what do you like of Italy?
From time to time I miss some Latin dancing back home. And in Italy I really like the DOP concept (Translator’s Note: Denominazione di origine protetta, quality assurance label for Italian food products), and the Italian flavour.