Meet a Fabricante #23 – Antti Ikonen

Antti is an artist in the fields of sound and music. He comes from Finland and has recently joined our Editorial area. Welcome at Fabrica, Antti!


Can you describe in no more than 30 words who you are and what you do?
I am an artist with sound engineering background. I do sound design & engineering and music production & composition. Or I would rather say: I live for it.

What do you expect from your time at Fabrica?
Meeting talented people that share similar artistic views and working with them in large scale productions.

What inspires you most?
Good aura. 😉

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Take it easy.

What do you miss of your home and what do you like of Italy?
I miss the nightlife of Helsinki and its variety of cultural events, good internet connections and protein in vegetarian food. Not to forget my friends and family. Although food is other ways so much better here and weather is so much nicer. I fill like I’m in a movie when I walk around this amazing city.