Meet a Fabricante #24 – Laura Sans

Laura is a member of our Design team and a very talented video maker. One of her most recent projects is a film on innovation and design, created for the Barcelona Design Centre.


Can you describe in no more than 30 words who you are and what you do?
I’m Laura Sans and I come from Barcelona. I studied Multidisciplinary Design. When I had almost completed my studies, I discovered my real passion: video. And so I started shooting by myself.

What do you expect from your time at Fabrica?
I expect to really discover what I want for my career.

What inspires you most?
Nature is one of the things that inspire me more. Also sadness and melancholia, both things help me to create images that later I would like to shoot.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
To follow my intuition.

What do you miss of your home and what do you like of Italy?
Honestly I miss the people I love there. Actually Italy is really big and has many different landscapes. What I like in Veneto is the relation between man and nature: routes, mountains, rivers, fog… the small secrets hidden on the top of each hill or in every single little village.