Meet a Fabricante #38 – Gianni Bahadoorsingh

Gianni comes from Canada and is in our Editorial team. He likes the “Italian lifestyle” – if you wonder what this means, read the interview until the end!


Can you describe in no more than 30 words who you are and what you do?
Canadian film director, writer and actor who is allergic to cats and excuses.
What do you expect from your year at Fabrica?
To devour every book in the library.
What inspires you most?
The last 30 seconds of Rocky, The Big Ship by Brian Eno, and Mr. Rogers’ quotes.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Mind the gap.” – London Underground
What do you miss of your home and what do you like of Italy?
I miss sour cream glazed doughnuts from Tim Hortons and my dog, Toto.
I like that Italy works to live, not the other way around.