Meet a Fabricante #41 – Sebastian Anastasiei

Sebastian comes from Rumania and he’s a graphic designer with a passion for grids and rules. Read the interview below to know more about him!

Can you describe in no more than 30 words who you are and what you do?
Ciao! I’m Sebastian, a graphic designer & illustrator from Romania. Since September, I’m a Fabricante in the Design area.
What do you expect from your time at Fabrica?
I hope that my experience in here will be full of new challenges. I expect to grow and learn as much as possible, to collaborate with people and to develop exciting projects.
 What inspires you most?
Systems. An important part of my work is based on grid systems and rules. I dedicate most of my time searching visual systems. Other than this, I’m trying to keep myself curious about things that are not necessarily related to my work field.
What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Work hard and be nice to people. 🙂
What do you miss of your home and what do you like of Italy?
I miss my friends and family and some places in Bucharest. Living abroad for the first time is a bit of a challenge for me, but I love some things about the Italian lifestyle (like the coffee culture).