MiBACT per la Fotografia – June 29, 2017

MiBACT per la Fotografia” is a series of conferences launched by the Italian Ministry of Culture and addressed to photographers, professionals, insiders and experts  with the aim of defining a plan for the strategic development of photography and to adapt public intervention to the technical and economical changes in this sector.

After the first conference in Palermo and the stops in Milan, Senigallia and Turin, the tour of conferences will arrive at Fabrica on June 29. The conference in Fabrica, entitled: “Cosa guardi? La cultura delle immagini” will focus on education in photography.

The panel will be moderated by Enrico Bossan, head of Fabrica Editorial, and composed of:

Marta Bottiani, psychologist
Guido Brivio, philosopher
Nino Migliori, photographer
Luca Panaro, critic and curator
Sergio Staino, satirical illustrator and journalist


MiBACT per la fotografia
nuove strategie e nuovi sguardi sul territorio
#5 – Treviso
“Cosa guardi? La cultura delle immagini”

29 giugno 2017, 5pm
Fabrica Auditorium
Via Postioma 54F
Catena di Villorba – TV
Conference in Italian, free entrance subject to availability

To participate, register at: fotografia@beniculturali.it