No Rocket / Francesco Zorzi at Fabrica

The Italian visual design and illustrator lecturing on July 5.

03 July 2017

Goodbye Receipts / Hello Receipts

Fabrica is pleased to host No Rocket/ Francesco Zorzi, Italian visual designer and illustrator, working and living in Amsterdam.



Lecture in English

July 5, 2017 –  at 11.30 am

Fabrica Auditorium




Francesco Zorzi will take the students into Goodbye Receipts / Hello Receipts  a collection of 5 unique pieces made out of thermal paper. It will be an excursion to discover the ongoing research on thermal paper as material and it’s mutant nature. Exposing the process and the ideas behind it.  From fascination to investigation, the evolution of its concept / the fails and turns / sedimentation and stratification.

The development of a ‘method’ influencing the growth of your own ‘methodology’ and personal research.


Photo Marco Zanin

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