Past Present Future – Workshop with Olimpia Zagnoli

14-15 March 2018

08 February 2018

Olimpia Zagnoli is an internationally renowned Italian illustrator. She has collaborated with New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, Guardian, Repubblica – just to name a few.

The workshop aims at enhancing inclusion of one’s own experience into the creation of their work. As important as taking inspiration from other artists and styles, we need to confront ourselves, our past, present and our hopes for the future, in order to create an original and genuine work. Inclusion of selfness assures originality, but also coherence and consistency across one’s work, which in turn leads to development of a unique style.

Max number of participants: 15

The workshop is open to participants working with all media.

Materials: pens, pencils, paper (various kinds and colours), glue, scissors, spray glue, acrylic paint, brushes and other tools that might be used in creation of works.


10:00am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-6:00pm

· full workshop tuition
· free access to the library, relaxation areas, photo studio, cinema
· wi-fi
· use of printers

· travel
· accommodation
· breakfast
· lunch (possibility of a buffet lunch at Fabrica at 10€, by reservation)
· dinner
· taxi and public transport
· extra expenses

Send your request complete with personal data to

When you receive your bill, please pay the total amount of the workshop by bank
transfer payable to:

Fabrica SRL
Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto S.P.A
IBAN: IT 15F 0622512020 100000006377
Reference: “Name and surname of the participant and title of the workshop”.

Your registration will not be official until your payment comes through.
You will then receive confirmation.
The registrations are first come, first serve until the places are exhausted.

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Fabrica is located in Catena di Villorba, 12 kilometers from Treviso and about 30 minutes from Venice.

Bus from Treviso Centrale train station:
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Bus combination from Treviso airport:
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From A27 motorway:
take the Treviso Nord exit and follow signs for Spresiano and FABRICA.


What is the deadline for registration?
10 days before the beginning of the workshop

Are special qualifications required to attend the workshops?
The workshop is open to everyone. 

How do I register?
Send your personal data to 

Are there any refund methods?
You can withdraw from the workshop up to 10 days before it begins. No refunds will be given for withdrawals communicated after this deadline or for no-shows after the start of the workshop.

What equipment is needed to attend the workshop?
Pens, pencils, paper (various kinds and colours), glue, scissors, spray glue, acrylic paint, brushes and other tools that might be used in creation of works..

Is there an age limit?
The content and structure have been designed to satisfy all ages, from 18 to 99 years old.

Do the workshops contribute to the acquisition of training credits?
Although Fabrica is accredited by the Region of Veneto as a learning institution, our programme is not academically accredited.

Can the participants use Fabrica’s facilities?
Of course. You’ll have free access to the library, relaxation area and photo studio as well as our printers and wi-fi connection during the working hours of the workshop.

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