Researching Researchers

Fabrica is currently offering residencies for cultural and photographic projects to researchers able to transform archival materials in artistic social and photographic research.

The scholars will develop collective and personal project identifying and interviewing sources, whether them photographic materials and/or paper archives of institutions, private funds, online catalogs, databases, “vernacular” documents, web or social media.

Researchers must know how to index and archive all the information collected by applying a scientific method, in team and individually working. The material collected will be curated in books, exhibitions, videos, multimedia projects.

Starting from January 30, Fabrica will accept and evaluate research, already underway or in proposal form, in order to understand and evaluate capabilities and interests of the aspiring bursary.

For one year, successful applicants will reach Fabrica’s multidisciplinary (designers, photographers, graphic designers) and international team and they will be coordinated by Francesca Seravalle.

Fellowship: return trip from your country; accommodation in Treviso (to share with one or two Fabrica grant holders); lunch from Monday to Friday; a monthly money supply to cover living expenses; health insurance for the entire duration of the scholarship.

Submissions deadline: February 28, 2016. To apply click here