Screening of Montedoro in Treviso

On Thursday, May 12th at 8:30pm at the Cinema Multiplex Edera in Treviso there will be the screening of Montedoro, a feature film written and directed by Antonello Faretta starring Pia Marie Mann, Joe Capalbo, Catherine Pontrandolfo, Luciana Paolicelli, Domenico Brancale, Anna Di Dio, Mario Duca, Aurelio Donato Giordano and the inhabitants of Craco, in the province of Matera, one of the most famous Italian ghost towns.

The screening will be followed by a debate with the director Antonello Faretta, the lead actress, Pia Marie Mann and the poet, writer and journalist Lello Voce.

The film is inspired by the true story of the lead actress. A middle aged American woman unexpectedly discovers her true origin after her parents died. Deeply moved, in the midst of an identity crisis, she decides to travel, hoping to find her birth mother whom she had never known. She therefore goes to a small and remote place in the South of Italy, Montedoro. She finds an apocalyptic scene when she gets there: the village, resting on a majestic hill, is completely abandoned and nobody seems to live there anymore. Thanks to a casual meeting with a few mysterious people, those that had never wanted to abandon the village, the protagonist undergoes a fascinating and magical voyage through time and memory, rejoining the spectres of an unknown past that belongs to her, that is part of her family story and part of that ancient and mysterious community that is now extinct, but will come to life one last time.

The ‘other’ character of the film is the ghost town of Craco, abandoned by its inhabitants in 1963 due to a large-scale landslide. Dominated by the castle and the Norman tower, Craco is a fantastic place, chosen by numerous directors, including Francesco Rosi and Mel Gibson. The director Abbas Kiarostami said of the film: ‘Montedoro makes this place memorable and finally puts an end to my temptation to make a film in Craco’.

The film is produced by Antonello Faretta, Adriana Bruno, Pia Marie Mann for Noeltan Srl in collaboration with Todos Contentos Y Yo Tambien, Rattapallax Films USA, Astrolabio Brazil, FESR Basilicata 2007/2013, European Union, Region Basilicata, Italian Republic, with the support of the APT Basilicata, Lucana Film Commission and The Craco Society.

Release: 15 aprile 2016
Distribution: Noeltan
Duration: 90′
For information:

Cinema Multiplex Edera
Piazza Martiri di Belfiore, 2
for information: ph. 39 0422 300224