Too Young To Drink awarded in Good Report 2015

Fabrica’s social campaign « Too Young To Drink » for European FASD Alliance is part of the Top 40 most successful Campaigns for good causes in The Good Report 2015. 1,474 campaigns have been evaluated this year.

Too Young To Drink is an international communication campaign conceived by Fabrica to raise awareness of the risks of FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders), a range of problems caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol which can include birth defects, learning disorders, behavioral problems, and mental illness.

The Good Report, created in collaboration between ACT Responsible and The Gunn Report, celebrates the communications that best use creativity to promote sustainability and social responsibility to raise awareness of the world’s major social & environmental issues.

ACT Responsible is a Swiss-based non-profit organization created in 2001. ACT stands for Advertising Community Together. The association mission is to federate the Advertising Communications industry around Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development and share good practices.

The Gunn Report – the global index of creative excellence in advertising – identifies the most awarded and applauded work in the world each year and its creators.