Women Fight Design

Fabrica organizes in October 2017 a series of lectures curated by Gala Fernandez.

20 October 2017

Fabrica’s October is all about fun, fearless female.

Women Fight Design, a project curated by Gala Fernandez, former Fabricante and multidisciplinary designer,  is a series of lectures given by extraordinary women working in different fields of the international design scene, hosted at Fabrica.

October will be devoted to these educational and inspirational speeches. Fabrica will entertain lectures by London-based gallery owner Marion Friedmann, acclaimed UK designer Bethan Laura Wood, IKEA project manager for design schools and collections Sigga Heimis and independent curator Maria Cristina Didero. These great women will express their personal point of view about design in the so called “Design after Design” era.

As curator of this series of events, Fabrica relies on a very special friend, Gala Fernandez. After a master in industrial design at IED Madrid and one in object design in IED Milan, Gala joined Fabrica in 2000 where she ran the design department until 2004 with friend and colleague Jaime Hayon. From 2006 to 2010 she was in charge of the Master European Design Labs in Madrid. In 2008 she managed  El Ultimo Grito studio and eventually she developed the educational program of Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. In 2016 Fernandez also worked with Culdesac, the Valencia-based design and communications studios in the Culdesac Editions project. She is CEO and founder at Piopio Design Labs and Piopio Editions, in partnership with Berta Roda.

The series of events curated by Gala Fernandez will start on October 6 with Sigga Heimis, to continue on October 12 with Marion Friedmann, on October 20 with Bethan LauraWood; Maria Cristina Didero will close this first block on November 17.  All lectures will be open to the public.

Women Fight Design is part of the long running lectures and workshops program Fabrica regularly organizes since 1994. Events open to external participants where art, culture and research come together to develop new ideas. Recent guests include Geoff Travis, founder of the independent British label Rough Trade; David Haslam, international writer and DJ; Romeo Castellucci, Italian director and scenographer; Simon Baker, senior curator of the Tate Modern in London;  Fabrizio L’Abbate and Marco Trovatello of the European Space Agency (ESA); Massimo Banzi, co-founder of the Arduino project; Bertjan Pot, Dutch designer; artist Sergio Pappalettera and bassist Saturnino, who collaborate with Lorenzo Jovanotti; John Holmstrom, illustrator, writer and founder of Punk Magazine; and Luca Barcellona, calligrapher.

Sigga Heimis  - Project Manager for Design Schools&Collections at IKEA

The dynamic and versatile designer, founder of the homonym studio Sigga Heimis Studio in Reykjavík and mother of three kids, will talk about creative Nordic women, she feels proudly part of.

Besides her activities at IKEA, focus of the lecture will also be women mindset, resourcefulness in Nordic design and speculations and opportunities for women in the design world.

October 6

At 6.30 pm

Marion Friedmann- gallerist and curator

Marion Friedmann is a gallerist, curator, researcher, collector and consultant. For over twenty years she has been a design advocate and through her London based gallery’s activities she has merged penchant for the avant-garde with a passion to celebrate and promote the most remarkable emerging and established contemporary designers.

Ambassador for international design with an established focus on Latin America and a concern for sustainable thinking, Marion Friedmann will talk about materiality, narratives, the everyday, the nomadic pop-up model, the international working practice of curating and with focus on her specialism for Latin American design, especially Mexico.

October 12

At 6.30 pm

Bethan Laura Wood – designer

The young, talented London based designer Bethan Laura Wood during her lecture at Fabrica will tell about her obsession for colors, shapes, materials and patterns.

Laura Bethan Wood is able to associate the rigor of design with freedom of expression and she enjoys exploring the relationships we make with objects in our everyday lives and questions how they can become cultural conduits.

Every creation reflects thus the geographical place inspiring her and the production-driven context.  

October 20

At 6.30 pm

Maria Cristina Didero – curator and journalist

MC projects is the title of Maria Cristina Didero’s lecture, Italian independent curator and freelance journalist. At Fabrica she will tell tales of people as for her “design is about people, not about chairs”.

Through projects and exhibitions she curated, Maria Cristina Didero has experimented designers’ ability to transfer reality  into very personal objects.

 November 17

at 11.00 am

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