1 Year at Fabrica

Fabrica is hard to describe. It is a villa in the Italian countryside where you will spend one year. It is a bubble in which you will work and maybe sleep. It is ordered like a studio, runs like a workshop and sometimes behaves like a school. It feels like a nuclear bunker.

It is a creative laboratory where 40 young researchers experiment with and build upon the creative knowledge that they bring from the outside world. It is 365 days of freedom from clients and trends of the professional industry. It is a lot of work. It’s a place for difference, a mix of people from nearly every continent.


It is a design centre, but we are not here to learn about good Italian design (although some of us do). We are here to code, design, film, write, compose, remix, hack, edit, reprint. We could do that anywhere. But here, we make it look good.


Fabricanti typically start their days running to catch the bus or sweating on their bicycles to get here by 09h00. They stop work to walk or bike to lunch at Mensa at 13h00 (but COLORS likes to go at 13h30).

After a coffee in Catena, they return to work by 14h00, and finish up sometime between 18h00 and the next morning. There are guest lectures, cinema screenings, an all-Fabrica open forum once a month, and visiting workshops every couple of months.

Since time immemorial, there have been regular Fabrica football matches after work.

Fabrica is closed for the month of August, public holidays and two weeks in December.


We produce artefacts that tell stories, bringing a unique view or statement to a particular context, produced through design processes that are questioned each time.

Our multi-media storytellers investigate social and cultural change, through researching.

Social Campaigns
Contemporary culture is reinventing new ways of communication as social movements, guerilla campaigns and innovative social media.

Colors is a quarterly magazine published in six bilingual editions:
English + Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese,
and distributed worldwide.


The best part about being a Fabricanti may be simply living in Italy. Wake up, drink your cappuccino or espresso, and try a brioche filled with jam, chocolate, almond paste or cream. Whether you take the bus or jump on your bike, you’ll be heading straight for the Alps, and you can see them getting closer on your way to work. At Fabrica, you will be surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees. Spot the snow-covered mountain peaks from your window. When you head back to Treviso, you’ll be only 30 kilometres from Venice and the beach.