Paolo Crepet


Courage and Passion

On Wednesday, 21 November at 6:30 PM Paolo Crepet, psychiatrist, writer and sociologist, will be at Fabrica for a conference open to the public entitled “Courage and Passion”.

Passione di Paolo Crepet

The event is inspired by Professor Crepet’s new book “Passione” (Mondadori – Strade Blu, 2018).
The progressive deterioration, even extinction, of passion – that challenge to the world and to ourselves to continue to improve the way we are, to hope and to dream – is one of the most dangerous and underestimated perils of our age, in which new digital technologies have a delaying effect on cognitive and emotional functions, making everything seem effortlessly feasible and accessible. But since, without passion, there is neither a real life nor a vision of the future – above all our own – the only way not to surrender to this loss of passion is to invoke it, provoke it, chase it, tell of it.

This is what Paolo Crepet does, by composing an inventory of stories and reflections, drawn from his existential and professional experience, which revolve around this sacred word, in all its meanings and forms. Because explaining to young people the meaning of passion – that inner fire without which it is impossible to keep alive and satisfy their desires – is today a fundamental task if we really want to “support them in discovering and ‘creating’ themselves, nourishing their joy and cultivating their enthusiasm rather than anaesthetising them or extinguishing the fire”. And since examples are worth more than words, the book is enhanced by the stories of three champions of passion: Paolo Fresu, an extraordinary jazz musician, acclaimed worldwide; Alessandro Michele, who revolutionised the international fashion scene; and Renzo Piano, one of the most famous contemporary architects.

Three men very different in age, education and life story, but united by an unmistakable characteristic: an eternal enthusiasm that drives their work and the total belief in the dreams of youth, which allowed their dreams to come true.

Their stories teach us that passion is based on stubbornness, tenacity and an irrepressible need for freedom, and it is a marvellous vehicle that carries and preserves the hope for an amazing life. It is not an easy journey and not for everyone, but the goal is so special that everyone has the duty to show if they have the courage to face it.

Courage and Passion
Wednesday, 21 November, 6:30 PM
Conference in Italian
Admission is free, but seating is limited

Fabrica Auditorium
Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)
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