Paolo Crepet


I Confess to Have Had Courage

On Tuesday April 10th at 6:30 PM, Paolo Crepet – a professor, psychiatrist, writer and sociologist – will hold a public conference at Fabrica titled: “I confess to have had courage”. The talk is inspired by professor Crepet’s latest book “Il Coraggio” (“Courage”, Mondadori – Strade Blu, 2017), conceived as an association of ideas, a brainstorming, an exercise whose aim is to stimulate both adults and young people to rediscover the power of insolence and the capacity for resistance that everyday life asks of us.

In the past courage – in its meaning of physical daring – was an exclusively human trait, but then machines took possession of it: the warrior was no longer armed only with his hands, but with machine guns, tanks, flamethrowers, fighter-bombers. Much as happens nowadays with technology: until 30 years ago it was necessary to express your views, write, call and therefore expose yourself. Today we can communicate – indeed we are induced to do so – without a human interface, therefore without risk, without fear of compromising ourselves. And human virtues are transferred to what is not human. Thus, even courage and fortitude, which is intrinsically innate in courage itself, are becoming more and more a virtual abstraction, deprived of meaning, for men and women who wander without compass, for youth blinded by the present and for old people living in the past.
To help parents, educators and – in particular – those “digital natives” who are about to explore their existence in a hyper-technological society face “today’s greatest social emergency”, Paolo Crepet sets forth a “hypothetical inventory” of various examples of human courage: the courage to educate, to say no, to start again, to be afraid, to write, to imagine, to create … Other and more ambitious forms of courage include: the one that we have to invent in order to create a new world, if we do not want others to invent it for us; the one that young people must rediscover in order not to find themselves sad and resigned to no longer believe in their dreams; the one that everyone must find in themselves to start an ideal and ethical renaissance. Because, in the end, courage is the magical opportunity that allows us to understand the present and to build the future.

Tuesday, April 10th, 6:30 PM
Free entrance until seats are available

Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)