Rado Molina


Un workshop e una conferenza sulla tecnologia semantica del web applicata al mondo dell’editoria.

On February 21st Rado Molina presented Linkgua edicionesan interactive content exploration tool based on semantic web algorithms.

Born in Cuba in 1968, Rado Molina studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona and worked as an editor in Paidós editions.

He has translated philosophers and essayists, among others Erwin Panofsky, Feyerabend and Scholem and he is the author of several books of essays and stories.
In 2004 he opened Linkgua ediciones, a publisher specializing in classic books written in Spanish with a current fund of 2,000 titles in print and digital editions.
He currently works as an editor and entrepreneur focused on semantic web technology applied to the publishing world.


Linkgua ediciones is a publishing house with an extensive collection of classic Hispanic books. In the process of building their catalogue, they began to find unexpected relationships among the books they published and to imagine a technology in line with the possibilities of interaction and connection that are characteristic of the 21st century person. From that desire, they developed Linkgua Semantic—a tool based on semantic web algorithms that enriches the users’ experience of books in the catalogue. Reading the digital documents that Linkgua has published becomes a smart universe.