Rejane Dal Bello

11/10 - 12/10/2018

On 11th and 12th October Fabrica will hold a lecture and a workshop by Rejane Dal Bello, award winning Graphic Designer & Illustrator.

Studio Rejane Dal Bello is a graphic design studio based in London. It’s specialized in brand identity, illustration, and editorial for national and international clients focusing on the Corporate, Cultural & Non-Profit sectors. The studio works with ongoing collaborations to best suit each project.


Lecture – Title: “Unknown”
Rejane Dal Bello will be talking about her career path: how she began from Brazil and continued her journey through New York, Rotterdam and London, where she is based now and runs her studio. She will talk also about her passion for bold typographical led work, focusing on branding/visual identity sectors. She will explain how she balances between payed clients and social projects/pro bono, with a highlight of her new self-initiated project Dr. Giraffe.


Workshop – Title: “Social Catalyst”
Fabrica is known as a center of creativity engaging with social and critical subjects. Subjects that are difficult to discuss. Before being designers, we are citizens and both roles come hand in hand, and they should influence and inform each other. Designers, artists, photographers, writers, musicians etc. are part of this, they create the world they see. The workshop combines culture with industry and offers young people the opportunity for creative growth and multicultural, multidisciplinary interchange.

In the context of the most critical issues of our society, topics such as racism, feminism, Sexism, democracy, slavery, inequality, diversity, immigration will be faced.

Participants will have to create the best set of letters to compose their word and visualize them with their reflections about what this topic means to them. They will use different technics that will help them to diversify the outcome and create a truly strong manifest.


Rejane Dal Bello
Originally from Brazil, Rejane Dal Bello began her career working for renowned branding & design over the world, Studio Dumbar (NL) and Wolff Olins (UK). Dal Bello is regularly featured in international publications and as well as giving workshops and lectures around the world as well as creative editor of UPO magazine (FR).