Italy after coronavirus
Conference-show by Stefano Allievi (in Italian)

Wednesday, 20 May, from 9:00pm to 10:30pm.
Live on Zoom from the Fabrica auditorium.

RI / PARTIRE is a free conference-show taken from the last book by Stefano Allievi – La spirale del sottosviluppo. Perché (così) l’Italia non ha futuro (to be released on 14 May with Laterza) – which will be broadcast live on Zoom from the Fabrica auditorium on Wednesday, 20 May, from 9:00pm to 10:30pm.

A journey into words, audiovisual materials and works of art through Italy’s structural weaknesses which are analyzed in five main chapters: demography, immigration, emigration, education and work. These areas are usually investigated separately, but if correlated, they show enormous imbalances, aggravated following the Covid-19 epidemic. They also show disturbing effects that lead to a real downward spiral much more serious than the economic and social crises of the past.
From this analytical cue, the conference-show, taking note that there is a before and after coronavirus, proposes some ways out of a catastrophe announced even before it, based on the construction of a new social pact.

The show was built in collaboration with Fabrica’s young creative talents (Mei Girault, William Grotto, Francesca Perpetuini and Alexandra Vogel) who prepared the audiovisual materials to support the text and took care of the choice of contemporary works of art that accompany it. The project alternates the faithful representation of the dramatic data mentioned in the book with their distorted perception by public opinion. The five themes develop into a graphic climax in which the moment of maximum tension corresponds to the current Covid-19 situation.

The event is free. To participate, register by 19 May at this link

The registration will give the opportunity to ask questions to Prof. Allievi and to interact with the camera and microphone in the dedicated moments.

Shortly before the start of the show you will receive the Zoom link via email to participate. Make sure you download the application.

Stefano Allievi is professor of Sociology and director of the Master in Religions, Politics and Citizenship at the University of Padua. He deals with migration in Europe and analysis of cultural change and religious pluralism, issues on which he has conducted research in Italy and abroad. Among his publications, La guerra delle moschee (Marsilio 2010), Conversioni: verso un nuovo modo di credere? Europa, pluralismo, islam (Guida 2016) and Il burkini come metafora. Conflitti simbolici sull’islam in Europa (Castelvecchi 2017). For Laterza, Tutto quello che non vi hanno mai detto sull’immigrazione (con G. Dalla Zuanna, 2016), Immigrazione. Cambiare tutto (2018) and 5 cose che tutti dovremmo sapere sull’immigrazione (e una da fare) (2018).
Last year with Fabrica he presented the lesson-show Di acqua e di terra, taken from his book Immigration. Change everything.

For more information: press@fabrica.it