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Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday 8 July from 15:00 to 16:00 CEST Dan Matutina, designer and illustrator, will give an online lecture on creative processes.

A look into the different creative procedures and shifting group dynamics in leading and working with various team sizes. Dan will share about his work as an illustrator, as head designer at Plus63 Design Co., and as one of the co-founders of Hydra Design Group, composed of four independent studios with collectively over 20 creatives.

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Free event, in English
Platform Zoom

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator. He is a founding partner at Plus63 and Hydra Design Group. He was the recipient of the ADC Young Guns award in 2013.
Dan’s works have appeared in print, digital and animation. He has worked on projects for Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, WIRED, Fast Co., The Guardian, Nike & Uniqlo to name a few.
At Plus63, he designs identity systems for brands. The studio experiments with ideas, extending its scope to include creating prototypes for furniture design pieces or custom objects for memorable retail experiences, developing business models, and taking on huge projects such as rebranding a university’s athletic team.

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