Keep your working life in balance with plants.

29 luglio 2014

Statera is an object made for the workplace. We spend the majority of our lives in either our bed or at work where a number of stressors can affect us. Plants can help improve the working environment through their health benefits, creating a sense of balance and boosting our wellbeing holistically.

Coming from the Latin word meaning 'balance', Statera nestles plants in two ceramic pots - each of them representing the physical and mental wellbeing - which balance in a metal structure supported by a wooden base. Statera allows you to choose complementary plants, such as Gardenia and Golden Photos or Peppermint and Philodendron, that can benefit your health and create a positive working environment. One of the many ways plants can help improve our working life is by increasing productivity. Our brains expend a lot of energy on tasks that require our full attention. This mental fatigue can only be restored when we give our direct attention a break. Sleep can do the job, but when we’re awake, we can also refresh ourselves by shifting our minds to an indirect or effortless form of engagement. Nature offers just this type of absorbing, restorative distraction. Today most workplaces have a large server connected to computers and printers which produce VOCs and CO2. All day exposure to these compounds and gases can cause headaches, drowsiness and loss of concentration. To combat this, studies have proven that growing live plants in the office can help clean the air and improve your physical and mental health.


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