Steven Brittan


Urbanization and Resilience; New Smart City tools for measuring and managing sustainable cities

On Thursday, 25 October at 4:30 PM Steven Brittan, designer and President at Studio Arts College International (SACI, Florence), will be at Fabrica for a lecture entitled “Urbanization and Resilience; New Smart City tools for measuring and managing sustainable cities”.

Climate Change cannot be addressed adequately without considering the impact of Urbanization. By 2050, 70% of the earth’s population will be living in cities. Juxtapose this with the disjunction between developed economies, emerging economies and barely surviving economies, holistic strategies are needed to combat the rapid movement towards an inevitable “hothouse” tipping point. We do have however in our arsenal the ability to create a global techno-sphere where all our systems are becoming more connected, measurable and interdependent. This presentation looks at environmental and technological strategies implemented by the Smart City movement including collaborations between private, corporate and government agencies on the integration of new technologies combined with resilient strategies in cities. These collaborations often supersede conservative or reactionary government accords and promises broader and more effective solutions to combating the ever increasing onslaught of climate change…and our survival on planet earth.

Steven Brittan is a designer with 25 years of leadership in the arts, education and commercial design. His academic and professional career places him at the intersection of art, design and technology, and how these dynamic fields can find meaningful application in the world. From this viewpoint, Steven collaborates with world renowned designers, consults to academic and corporate boards, design jury panels and innovation start-ups on topics like urban planning, renewable technologies and sustainable cities. In his current role as President at Studio Arts College International (SACI) in Florence, Italy, Steven developed project-based experiences integrated with creative opportunities afforded by Italian design culture. He taught at institutions such as Columbia University, Rhode Island School of Design and Harvard, where he earned his Master’s in Architecture with Distinction in Design.