The 7 lamps of making

20 settembre 2014

Dean Brown, Fabrica Design Alumni, launches a new project during LDF Digital Design Weekend at the Victoria & Albert Museum.
“The 7 Lamps of Making” revisits John Ruskin’s essay “The 7 Lamps of Architecture” (1849) as a guide for 21st century making translating 19th century craft theory into a contemporary design project. Ruskin used the word “Lamps“ to mean guides.

These “Lamps” are objectified as tangible examples of the 7 guides in practice, as critical objects that embody the enduring principles of good craftsmanship. Adopting the vocabulary of the Maker Movement the project renders the principles relevant to makers now, using readily available democratic tools and materials such as 3D printing, LED lighting, laser cutters and kit electronics. “The 7 Lamps of Making” places the New Maker Movement in historical context, recognizing and disseminating the relevant craft values that have, and remain, necessary to make things of quality. 20 –21 September 2014 LDF Digital Design Weekend The Victoria & Albert Museum