Tiziano Scarpa


The words respond to us.

Writing does not just mean translating your ideas into a speech. It means asking questions to the words, which respond with their own logic. With sentences, but also with rhymes, with the rhythm, with the white spaces that surround them.

Tiziano Scarpa talks about his writing experience, from novel to poetry, from literary essays to theatrical and music texts, and interprets live some poems from Clouds and money (Einaudi) and rhyming stories of A city dragonfly (Minimum fax), both published in 2018.

Tiziano Scarpa was born in Venice, Italy in 1963. He is a novelist, poet, and playwright. Scarpa’s third novel, Stabat Mater (Serpent’s Tail, 2011) was awarded the Strega Prize, Italy’s most prestigious literary honor. His acclaimed Venice is a Fish: a Sensual Guide (Gotham Books, 2008) is known throughout the world as an idiosyncratic celebration of Venice. His most recent novels are Il Cipiglio del Gufo and Il brevetto del geco. Among his books, Corpo (Einaudi, 2005), a collection of aphorisms and short stories about fifty parts of the human body. His books have been translated into many languages including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic. He also has an intense activity as a scenic reader of his and others’ works, at the theater and not only.

Tiziano Scarpa: The words respond to us
19th October, 6:30pm
Fabrica Auditorium
Free entrance upon availability
For more information: press@fabrica.it