Up to Now. Fabrica Photography

Fabrica's photography at Fotografia Europea festival in Reggio Emilia, 5 May-9 July 2017

11 aprile 2017

Fabrica has chosen Fotografia Europea, the festival dedicated to contemporary photography by the city of Reggio Emilia and the Fondazione Palazzo Magnani, opening from 5 to 7 May, to present Up to Now. Fabrica Photography, a rich and intense overview on more than twenty years of visual research. From 1994 the research centre has explored photography in its various facets, from journalistic documentation to editorial projects, from communication campaigns to more distinctly artistic projects. Not to forget, the essential and pioneering experiment of Colors magazine, which shares with Fabrica the same celebration of the world’s diversity, the attention to social, political, economic, environmental and lifestyle issues.

The red thread of this experience has always been the promotion of young international talents who, arrived at Fabrica as grantholders, have had the opportunity to grow and improve, and have then continued their careers and often affirmed themselves as acknowledged professionals.

For Reggio Emilia, Fabrica has selected 37 photographers and over one hundred works, and this review focusses on the works of those young photographers that, over the years, have become renowned international authors. From Pieter Hugo’s Albino Portraits to James Mollison’s Libyan Battle Trucks, from Olivia Arthur’s The Middle-Distance to Laia Abril’s A bad day, from Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse’s Ponte City to Lorenzo Vitturi’s Oil will never end: this array of images bears witness to the variety of approaches to photographic documentations, which encompasses different realities and continents and creates an iconographic and narrative unicum. Furthermore, for Fotografia Europea 2017 Fabrica will propose also a specific focus on the works of Drew Nikonowicz and Ali Kaveh, currently grantholders at the research centre.

Up to Now. Fabrica Photography
Chiostri di San Pietro
via Emilia San Pietro, 44/c
Reggio Emilia

Inaugural days
May 5 › 7am-11pm
May 6 and 7 › 10am-11pm

from May 12 to July 9
Friday › 6pm-11pm
Saturday › 10am-11pm
Sunday and holiday › 10am-8pm


Featuring artworks by:

Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin
Aleksey Kondratyev
Ali Kaveh
Alma Cecilia Suarez
Ashley Gilbertson
Chen Jiaojiao & Peng Yangjun
Clara Vannucci
Drew Nikonowicz
Federica Sasso
James Mollison
Jen Osborne
Jessica Dimmock
Karim El Maktafi
Kitra Cahana
Laia Abril
Léonie Hampton
Liz Hingley
Lorenzo Vitturi
Margo Ovcharenko
Marina Rosso
Martina Cirese
Mikhael Subotzky & Patrick Waterhouse
Munem Wasif
Nicolò Degiorgis
Olivia Arthur
Panos Kefalos
Philipp Ebeling
Piero Martinello
Pieter Hugo
Reed Young
Sam Ivin
Sharon Ritossa
Sofia Valiente
Stefan Ruiz


The Middle-Distance
© Olivia Arthur/Magnum photos, courtesy Fabrica

Five countries lie across the border between Europe and Asia: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. The Middle-Distance is a journey along this border, told through the stories of young women in a stage of life in which they have to make decisions that will impact their education, work and family. Olivia Arthur went in search of the place where East meets West, a place where the traditions of the East meet the pull of the West; a bridge between two cultures, neither fully on one side nor on the other. The work was also part of the Fabrica collective exhibition Les Yeux Ouverts at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in 2006, and was exhibited at the Milan Triennale the following year.

The Ninth Floor
© Jessica Dimmock, courtesy Fabrica

The Ninth Floor is just like any other floor in a Manhattan building. But in this case, it is the apartment where a group of addicts buy and sell drugs, sleep, argue, make love and fight. For almost three years, Jessica Dimmock followed the stories of the Ninth Floor and its residents. Many have photographed the tragedy of the world of drugs, but the strength of these images gives a new and extraordinary account, both intimate and raw. This project received the first F Award, the International Award for Concerned Photography created by Fabrica, and was published by Contrasto in 2007.

© Aleksey Kondratyev, courtesy Fabrica

As 1991 continues to recede farther and farther into the distance, Central Asia, the former Soviet territory positioned between Russia, China, and the Middle East, is in the process of reinventing itself. Central Asians still speak Russian, but more and more of them learn English or Chinese. They remain largely secular, but are practicing Islam in increasing numbers. Formations is a photographic narrative of this region as it navigates this transitional period, between the Soviet legacy and its still undetermined future. Formations was published by Fabrica in 2016.

Notes from Anywhere
© Drew Nikonowicz, courtesy Fabrica

Produced exclusively in Italy, Notes from Anywhere by Drew Nikonowicz is the latest collection of photographs from his award-winning series This World and Others Like It. Through analog photographic processes Nikonowicz investigates the notion of being an explorer in the 21st century, where there are no new terrestrial frontiers to discover. Thousands of explorable realities exist through rover and probe based imagery, virtual role-playing, and video game software. Within the contemporary wilderness, robots have replaced photographers as mediators producing images completely dislocated from the human experience. This suggests that now, according to Nikonowicz, the sublime landscape is only accessible through the boundaries of technology.

Nomadic America
© Kitra Cahana, courtesy Fabrica

Nomadic America shares the stories of the nomadic, homeless youth with whom Kitra Cahana roamed the United States for months. Tracing her attraction to vagabonds to a childhood spent on the road with her family and to a bag she packed to run away as a child, Cahana draws parallels between the alternative lifestyle of nomads and the need we all have to escape the confines of everyday life. This work is an exploration of the wandering life, emphasizing its creativity while not undermining its hardships.