Treviso Photographic Festival

04/06 - 20/06/2018

Razza Umana and Souvenirs from Treviso

Fabrica will take part in the first edition of the Treviso Photographic Festival organized by the non-profit organization Lab77. The festival will be presented in the city’s squares from 4 June through 20 June 2018.

Fabrica artists created the project titled Souvenirs from Treviso for the exhibition. The artists are 13 young interns hailing from 10 countries with diverse cultures and perceptions as well as different languages, lifestyles and tastes. Brought together through a short-term residence programme, their photographic exhibition will be presented in the university’s square. Their mission was to take a good, hard look at their host city. The students’ work examines the architecture that has withstood the test of time and events, private residences, decorative and historic elements, the economic crisis, the ecosystem, demographics and statistics.

The photographs were taken by the following Fabrica interns: Sebastian Anastasiei, Salik Ansari, Gianni Bahadoorsingh, Giovanni Bottan, Guglielmo Brambilla, Bianca Ghiuzan, Marcin Liminowicz, Mattia Mura, Jang Myungsik, Carl Rethmann, Jamie Rickett, Ivanka Yakovyna and Heeyeon Yun.


As part of the Treviso Photographic Festival, 60 portraits from photographer Oliviero Toscani’s Razza Umana (Human Race) project will be displayed in Piazza Rinaldi. For years, the legendary Italian photographer has snapped photographs of individuals in the world’s streets and squares. «RAZZA UMANA presents a collective subject», wrote art critic and curator Achille Bonito Oliva. «Oliviero Toscani, acting as a special envoy, has entered into and examined the realm of conformity and globalization. With his front-on view, he gives us a seemingly infinite number of portraits that confirm the artistry in photography. The differences that coexist are represented as a value».


Press conference only for media
June 5 at 11.30 am
at Piazza Rinaldi, Treviso
(in case of bad weather the conference will be held in Ca’ Sugana – via Municipio, 16 Treviso)Opening event open to the city
June 8 at 5.00 pm
at Palazzo Rinaldi, Sala Verde, TrevisoFor further information
Once upon a time there was an Englishman, a Romanian, a Pole, a Canadian, two South Koreans, an Italian-Romanian, a German, a Ukrainian, an Indian and three Italians.  Far-flung cultures; conflicting perceptions; different languages, lifestyles and tastes.  All in Treviso.