A project and challenge that celebrates multicultural creativity.

20 marzo 2017

UNBOXED is a Fabrica project for Designerbox, the well-known French design editor. It will be on show in the United Colors of Benetton store windows on Piazza del Duomo: small design articles and clothes from the spring/summer 2017 collection alternate in a carefully-studied colourful, narrative display.

UNBOXED is a challenge and a research project to celebrate multicultural creativity, focusing on the narrative potential of non-technologic products. It transcends functionality to spread poetry, humour and even subversion in our interiors.
Designerbox uses a unique subscription method to promote accessible design. Each month subscribers receive a surprise object that is new and not available elsewhere. Designed by the stars of international design, each article is part of a limited edition and sent by post in a numbered wooden box.

Designerbox’s issue no. 51 is devoted to the creativity of Fabrica’s young designers. The object sent to subscribers’ homes in September 2017 will be one from those in the Benetton store – containers, decorative articles, candlesticks, vases or incense holders – chosen by in situ (4-9 April) and online (4-30 April) voting. Exceptionally, a selection of Designerbox’s previous issues will be available for purchase at a special price.

Milan Design Week 2017

4-9 April, 9.30am – 8.30pm
United Colors of Benetton Store
Piazza del Duomo

Ainhoa Garmendia / ES
Chained reflects our inner dependence to people and relationships, through two equal elements or souls, that are visually connected.

Vehicle of Love
Jo-Chieh Huang / TW
Inspired by vehicles of the future and the meditative function of candles, Vehicle of Love is an inner transportation candle holder, bringing us to find love within our daily life.

M Wingren / USA
Squared is the deconstruction of a box in a box. Reconstructing the components results in significant expansion: [Box] X [Box].

A Piece of a Vase
Chan Wai Hon / HK
What can paper do? Paper is soft but also strong, it is white but also colourful. A Piece of a Vase is an object to give people a sense of different seasons. With the abundant language of paper (colours and textures), people can choose a suitable paper for the flowers.

Daniel Rous / UK
The traditional incense holder is reimagined with curiosity and humour, elevating its minimalist form through an emotive gesture and a sculptural presence.

Déjeuner sur l’Herbe
Anne-Claire Hostequin / FR
In this box: a checkered tablecloth, two glasses, some birds singing and a beautiful sun. Everything that you need for a picnic in a wooden box made easy to carry thanks to the straps.

Personal Space
Alexis Gallo / USA
Personal Space consists of three different shapes and colors that can be arranged in various ways to create mini photoshoot-worthy environments for everyday objects, allowing them space to breath.

Roman Alcove
Quentin Vuong / FR
Inspired by Roman historic archeological sites, and the display of the antique statues. Roman Alcove creates a frame around your objects, playing subtlety with light and colours to emphasise them.

Sílvia Matias / PT
Inspired by various shapes, light and transparency. Different thicknesses, materials and colours are arranged to create an undefined form for the piece, as a non-puzzle. It can be placed on the shelf, floor, or table with an LED light behind it or positioned to play with the light of the sun.

Ángeles Ortiz / EC
The hoop-shaped candle holder was inspired by the cycle of life showing the power of a single gesture to influence and transform it. A juxtaposition assemblage of contrasting materials builds its organic contour.

Geometry Glue
Leonora Gray / UK
Geometry Glue is inspired by the ritual of stone stacking. A collection of fragments, this collection encourages the user to play, touch and find balance whilst arranging the pieces.