Vittorio Cafaggi


Intelligent clothing: airbags to protect humans today and tomorrow

On Thursday, 25 October at 3:00 PM Vittorio Cafaggi from D Airlab, will be at Fabrica for a lecture entitled “Intelligent clothing: airbags to protect humans today and tomorrow”.

The D Airlab mission is “To advocate and deliver safety to people exposed to traumatic injuries in everyday activities”. In order to accomplish the mission, D Airlab employs  wearable airbags developed after long studies on ergonomics and used today by many motorcycle and ski World Champions for their own safety. The same technology is today applied for the protection of workers in height, elderly and epileptic people against falls and for children safety in cars. These projects for everyday life are leading the way to the protection of what will be “everyday life” in the future: Space travels.

Born in 1962, Vittorio has a degree in economics and business administration and is the CEO of D Airlab, an innovative startup company founded by Lino Dainese to transfer 45 years of know-how in the field of human protection in dangerous sports to other human activities. Vittorio has been working with Lino Dainese for 28 years, having the chance to work on many innovative projects connected with the protection of the human body with airbags and dedicated to astronauts health and safety.