Wanted Creativity


Fabrica Circus goes to Venice

On the occasion of the Architecture Biennial and the Venice Film Festival, from 24 May to September 2018 Fabrica Circus arrives in Venice with WANTED CREATIVITY.
Two historic stores in the Castello district (once a butcher and a carpentry), become temporary spaces for innovating, meeting, cultural exchanges and talent research.

At Via Garibaldi n°1830 you can get in touch with Fabrica sharing your visions and creative ideas through video-confessions and follow in streaming the “Circus” program: workshops, lectures and experiences about contemporary issues. Since the beginning of this year, Fabrica has hosted more than 70 international personalities, including photographer Franco Fontana, astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, artist Alison Jackson, architect Michele De Lucchi and musician Michael Nyman.

The space at Fondamenta Sant’Anna n° 994 is instead dedicated to portfolio reviews with Oliviero Toscani and the Fabrica team (by reservation, only for under 25s creatives). The space is also a real temporary store offering productions of Fabrica and the ex-‘fabricanti’, product and editorial lines, including the now unattainable numbers of the legendary Colors magazine.

Info point, confessions:
Via Garibaldi n°1830

Portfolio reviews, shop:
Fondamenta Sant’Anna n° 994

Castello, between Giardini and Arsenale

Opening hours
12-8 P.M.

For information: press@fabrica.it

7 June
Live silk-screen printing with DoppioFondo

On Thursday, June 7 from 6 to 8pm, the space in Fondamenta Sant’Anna 994 will host a live silk-screen printing event, in collaboration with DoppioFondo, a fine art print studio and independent publishing house. The team of young creatives from Fabrica will customize, even at the request of the public, a series of objects – shopping bags, postcards, notebooks and posters – which will then be put on sale at the temporary store.
Free event, open to the public.

DoppioFondo is an arts and culture association founded in Venice in 2014 organizing workshops, artist-in-residence programmes and art projects. Among them, Edizioni DoppioFondo, a project that aims to support the artists in the realization of their own book and self-made printed material, interpreting them as the expression of a personal work or as the final result of an artistic partnership and creative process. The goal is to promote books in a contemporary context, highlighting the importance of tradition-inspired printmaking techniques. DoppioFondo’s books are hand-printed in limited edition and use non-toxic tradition-inspired techniques.

12 June
Portfolio review with Oliviero Toscani

On Tuesday 12 June from 3:30pm Oliviero Toscani will be at Fondamenta Sant’Anna No. 994 for portfolio reviews.
The session is open to talented, curious, restless, ambitious, generous, free-thinking under 25s with their hearts in their hands. Bring your work, your tools, your imagination and ability to get involved.
By reservation only at press@fabrica.it

24-29 July
Free nude photo sessions with Ivanka Kate Yakovyna

From the 24th to the 29th of July, from 10:30AM to 6:30PM, Fabrica’s Wanted Creativity space in via Garibaldi 1830 in Venice will turn into a photographic set: the young Fabrica artist Ivanka Kate Yakovyna will take free nude photo sessions: participants – who will receive the pictures taken free of charge – will be asked to show what they love, hate or feel about their body. Ivanka will also record all the conversations happening during the photo shoot. The result will be a short movie about this experience.

Ivanka Kate Yakovyna is a young filmmaker and artist from Ukraine, currently at Fabrica. She studied at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture and attended the first Kyiv-based residence for young artists, Kyiv A-I-R.

Entry by registration at this link
Instagram account

11-16 September
Machines looking at people looking at machines 
by Carl Rethmann

From the 11th to the 16th of September the space in via Garibaldi 1830 will host an exhibition by Carl Rethmann.

Can AI replace designers? The mood board has become a typical starting point for the current design process, eventually condensing a variation of images into a final product. The archetype of today appears to be many. While the number or circulating images is growing, there is still a kind of uniform style emerging from platforms like Pinterest: a set of formal rules that connects users across the globe amplified by likes, follows and reposts.


Pinterest itself is at the forefront of visual AI research, looking for new ways to index similarities and categories with the ultimate goal of search optimization. But the impact on visual culture of what is considered optimal by the engineers who create these systems is questionable. Are we really looking for something similar or are we looking for something different?In this project an “artificial designer” is trained on the most popular Pinterest boards featuring ceramic vases. An AI is used to generate shapes that represent the average style popular at the time of creation of the dataset. The generated vases are reproduced together with professional ceramics manufactures, photographed and ultimately fed back into the context they came from: Pinterest.Opening: 14 September at 6:30pm
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am-6:30pm
Free entrance

18-23 September
No Shoes In The House 
by Marcin Liminowicz

From the 18th to the 23rd of September the space in via Garibaldi 1830 will host “No Shoes In The House”, an exhibition and book by Marcin Liminowicz.

“No Shoes In The House” is a story about coming back home. The process behind is an experiment on how collecting images, almost randomly, can later be translated into an editorial project.

While working on a bike in a food delivery company, Liminowicz started to photograph objects and “traces” in the staircases of Berlin tenement housing, where more than 50% of the apartments are for rent. Through his job he was given access to a space closed for most of pedestrians. This space also became his main and only destination as he was not really crossing the doors of its tenants.The story is told from the perspective of the staircase, an area in-between with questionable belongingness. What was interesting is that the name on the intercom usually did not coincide with the resident. The staircase became an excuse to talk about a wider urban case and the constant flow of people in a big city like Berlin.How does a transitional place influence the actions of tenants? Where does the private space end and public space begin?No Shoes In The House was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award and will be on show during Unseen Amsterdam from 21 to 23 of September.Opening: 21 September at 6:30pm
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10.30am-6:30pm
Free entrance

No lines in the sea
by Salik Ansari

From the 25th to the 30th of September, the space in via Garibaldi 1830 will host “No lines in the sea”, an exhibition by Salik Ansari.

An immersive installation composed of video and photographic works that questions the notion of borders in relation to the sea. Conceptually and physically within the space, Salik investigates how drawing a line can vacillate between a means of connection or division. Illustrating the futile nature of maintaining a border lines across the sea.

Opening: 25 September 2018 at 6:30pm
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:30am – 6:30pm
Free entrance