We never left


A collective exhibition at the renewed Fabrica Features Lisboa.

Launched in 2001 on the top of a Benetton Megastore in Chiado, Fabrica Features Lisboa is a platform for ethnic and artistic diversity. Placed in the heart of the city, it is a space of meeting and interchange between young local and foreign artists.

Through Fabrica Features, Fabrica disseminates its vision of design. The aim is to create an ideal network of dialogue and information interchange, giving space both to the creations of young artists and to the latest proposals of well-known international brands.

To celebrate the renewal of the space, from 11 December 2015 to 20 January 2016 Fabrica presents “We never left”, a collective exhibition by 16 creatives – Fabrica alumni and current residents – who explored concepts of reunion, connection and belonging, creating a limited edition set of handmade silkscreened postcards and posters which can be purchased in the Fabrica online store.

Since 1994, the year of its founding, Fabrica lives and transforms itself through a continuous exchange of experiences, languages and experimentations which have told, and continue to tell, the contemporary world. A place where hundreds of visions have been expressed, sharing a sense of belonging and drawing a unique, recognizable language. A place to “feel at home” in the broadest sense of the term.

Participating artists:
Hyrul Anuar / Malaysia
Marta Barros and Joana Coelho / Portugal
Elliott Burford / Australia
Cãoceito / Portugal
Ariana Couvinha / Portugal
Mariana Fernandes / Portugal
Tom Fethers / Australia
Anna Kulacheck / Ukraine
Gaston Lisak / Argentina
Tomomi Maezawa / Japan
Daniela Mesina / Italy
Ordinary People / Korea
Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat / Dominican Republic
Elise Santangelo / Stati Uniti – Australia
Studio ah—ha / Portugal
Vivóeusébio / Portugal

About the renewal project
Fabrica Features is an unusual place, where shopping is treated as more than a simple exchanging of items. The renewal project has been focused on questioning and rethinking our typical understanding of retail environments — product, interactive and graphic designers from Fabrica have collaborated to create a new experience.
A new display system has been designed on a modular base, allowing frequent change and adaptation throughout the space. Each module is based on simple geometric shapes, always providing new possibilities for display, anywhere between empty and full. The concept of “new directions” also emerges, through metaphorical and specific “maps” that appear on printed matter through the store. Through the use of these elements, an environment is created for customers to feel invited to explore and discover — getting lost becomes a pleasure.

Fabrica Features Lisboa
Rua Garret (Chiado) nº 83 – 4º andar
Edifício Megastore Benetton
Lisbon, Portugal