WE Program


Fabrica creates a series of contents for Benetton Group’s Women Empowerment Program.

Over time, a history of struggle has been knit.
On every thread, we have captured our essence and every fiber of our body has intervened.
And it seems, each part of our body has a specific function to confront a piece of reality that requires to be transformed.
In order to weave history; WE have used our hips, our arms, our heart, our spine and WE have used our minds.
WE have interlaced patterns of past and present to constitute a future of no discrimination, a future with no violence, healthy, sustainable and cultivated; knitting a fabric of empowerment.

Fabrica’s Social Campaigns team has created a series of creative contents – images and videos – for WE Program (Women Empowerment Program), a program of long-term sustainability of Benetton Group, aimed at supporting the emancipation and legitimization of women around the world.

The struggle that women have confronted in the past continues to extend into the present; but reality needs to be transformed, with the inner strength that lies within. This past and present are portrayed by two contemporary dancers, mother and daughter, who interpret poems with their bodies and create an emotional storytelling.

The WE Program focuses in five priorities, in accordance with United Nations’ agenda, while the creative concept focuses in 5 body parts that build up a woman, to represent each area of the WE Program: Mind (Quality Education), Spine (Sustainable Livelihood), Heart (Healthcare), Arm (Fight against violence) and Hips (Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities). The body parts are held and supported by a thread of color which represents life and Benetton’s DNA.