You make the park

Fabrica is an Official Supplier to Expo Milano 2015.

16 giugno 2015

Fabrica is an Official Supplier to Expo Milano 2015 with You Make the Park, a collection of outdoor furnishings to enrich the visitor experience in Piazza dei Tigli.

Expo Milano 2015 – Feed the Planet, Energy for Life – is the biggest global event aimed at exploring the challenges and solutions connected with nutrition and sustainable development. Hence the City of Milan is now a meeting place for millions of travellers from across the world, thereby fostering an international debate on the future of our planet and its resources.

What comes from the Earth returns to the Earth. Starting from this principle, Fabrica accepted the invitation to take part in Expo 2015's core debate with You Make the Park, an outdoor furnishing range of about 60 articles - benches, tables, stools and daybeds – that will gradually "invade" Piazza dei Tigli from June to October 2015.

Designed by an international team of creative talents, the furniture is made of cork, Galestro terracotta and wood, 100% recyclable, natural materials. The articles are easily disassembled since no glue is used in their construction. Their design is clean and simple, but with a meticulous eye for detail in order to offer Expo visitors a comfortable, welcoming experience as they enjoy the furniture for relaxing, chatting or socialising in the open air.

The pieces are modular, they can be used in different ways or moved to encourage interaction as visitors are invited to create their own personal area in the exhibition site. A democratic, multicultural space that changes continuously as its visitors change and whose colours and shapes will evolve according to the season.

Four companies, each an example of excellence in its field, have provided technical sponsorship: Amorim, from Portugal, for the cork; and the Italians Deroma for the Galestro terracotta, Prosign for wood and assembly of the various materials, and Alquimia White, Red & Green for the web experience on the dedicated site The public can take part in the discussion in all the world's languages by sending comments, suggestions and photographs via Twitter and Instagram. The most interesting contributions will become an integral part of the furnishings, leaving the debate open for later visitors.


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Amorim Cork. Tracing its roots back to the 19th century, as a simple family business producing cork stoppers for wines, Amorim has now become the world leader in natural cork products, exporting 96% of its production to more than 100 countries through a network of dozens of fully owned subsidiaries. Amorim applies its specialist knowledge to this centuries-old traditional culture, developing a vast portfolio of 100% sustainable products that are used by blue-chip clients in industries as diverse - and demanding - as aerospace, automotive, construction, fashion design and wines & spirits. Amorim’s responsible approach to raw materials and sustainable production illustrates the remarkable interdependence between industry and a vital ecosystem - one of the world’s most balanced examples of social, economic and environmental development.

Deroma Group is today the world's leading industrial group in the field of pots for plants and outdoor decoration. The Deroma brand's presence in all the main DIY channel distribution chains and in more than 10,000 retail outlets around the world, testifies to its success and popularity. Deroma's philosophy is based on the pursuit of quality in each phase of the manufacturing process; a careful choice of raw materials; the use of superior-standard technology and techniques; and widespread, professional commercial and post-sales services.

Prosign is the fruit of Arredo Italiana's thirty years' experience in furniture and furnishings. Prosign is a hothouse of innovation at the service of the creativity of designers and architects for making prototypes, samples and mass-produced articles.

Alquimia White, Red & Green is a creative laboratory of ideas and innovation focused on digital media. They specialise in defining a brand's strategic and design-led online presence. They interpret communication objectives, for example in one-off operations such as websites or in fully-fledged innovative projects and integrated experiences that establish new relations between the public and a brand. The company is solidly positioned at the high end of the market, sustained by the artistic excellence of its creative team and its talent for building superior-quality formats and content natively designed for digital channels.


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