Design for Change/Lille competition


Fabrica win 1st Prize with Water Culture.

Awards ceremony: 26 November 2015, Lille (France)

Water Culture by Fabrica has won the 1st Prize of the third edition of Design for Change/Lille, a contest that every year since 2012, invites the best international design schools to develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of Lille’s residents. This year the competition brought together over 450 students from across the world to come up with solutions within three different topics: the influence of climate change, textiles and mobility, and mass catering. Among the participating schools, Ensci Les Ateliers (France), Ied (Spain), Parsons (USA), Harvard University (USA), Polytechnic (Hong Kong).

Fabrica’s team, composed by Chandni Kabra (India), Aaron Gillett (Australia) and Karen Oetling (Mexico), with the creative direction of Sam Baron and Angelo Semeraro, worked across the different fields connecting climate, nature, food and architecture. The result is Water Culture, a project that aims to encourage people to change their negative perception towards Lille’s weather, inviting them to experience the changing vibrancy of the city.

Project description:
Weather has profound effects on many aspects of life, from emotional health and general well-being to productivity and the economy.
How might we change negative perceptions of weather into a positive?