Il Collettivo Intelligente
23-05-2022 — 27-05-2022

Il Collettivo Intelligente

Fabrica presents Il Collettivo Intelligente, an interactive exhibition on the relationship between artificial intelligence and creativity, curated and realized by Fabrica’s international team in collaboration with oio studio. Four experiential installations that help to understand this vast theme by making it accessible to all.

In the past the main role of a computer was to help us in complex calculations thanks to programs and operations defined a priori. Today, thanks to the developments of the Machine Learning, we can teach computers and robots to understand, see and even create and invent.

Il Collettivo Intelligente is made up of a group of algorithms, the Bard, the Illustrator, the Dreamer and the Composer. Longtime friends and tired of living in the cloud and working for large technology companies, they decide to pursue an artistic career trying to learn how to write, draw, compose music and take photographs from imaginary places.

The Bard. A writer who, inspired by the surrounding world – the weather, the amount of light, the time of day – composes lines to infinity, printing them on a roll of paper. The poems can be collected by visitors or left as part of the installation.

The Illustrator. A novice designer, who is practicing inspired by simple subjects. Visitors can help him learn how to draw, making drawings themselves, which the Illustrator can then complete and use to refine his skills.

The Dreamer. An artist in the clouds who, traveling in an imaginary world, brings back images of fantastic places and situations generated by the algorithm.

The Composer. An artificial musician practices endlessly to perform at his first concert, visitors can listen to him while practicing.

The exhibition, set up in the Fabrica spaces, is open free of charge from 23 to 27 May 2022 in the following hours:

10:00am – 12:00pm
15:00pm – 17:00pm

Visits by appointment:
Phone +39 0422 516209-516340

The exhibition is part of the A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agora, an initiative of BiblioTreviso and the Municipality of Villorba, whose aim is to disseminate the topic of Artificial Intelligence by showing citizens the different points of impact that AI algorithms have and will have on our lives.

The 2022 edition of A.I.A. also includes a series of themed meetings with experts from various disciplines (medical, legal, economic, industrial) to discuss and learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Monday 23rd May 2022 — Friday 27th May 2022