I’m hungry

I’m hungry

FABRICA, with the creative direction of Oliviero Toscani, has created #lavocedeibambini, an awareness communication campaign for L’Albero della Vita Foundation. A project to reflect on child poverty in Italy, an emergency that affects 1 in 8 children.

“Daddy, daddy, why are we poor? I’m hungry”. Simple, direct and immediate. A long silence broken by a single question, so natural, as children’s questions are. A question that leaves no way out, it puts us all in a corner of impotence.

Why are we poor? It is the question, that sounds like an invocation, that 1.2* million children in Italy ask to their parents every day. Why us? Children need answers, to give meaning to even the simplest and most immediate questions.

A provocation that leaves you speechless, that strikes at the center of our soul, with pain. Because we think that these realities are far from us, that they do not concern us.

I’m hungry. A statement that encompasses everything. An indisputable logical connection. I’m hungry for food mainly. But not only. Children living in conditions of extreme poverty also have, and above all, a hunger for social justice, equality and dignity. They are hungry for normality, for rights and for that light-heartedness that all children must enjoy. Instead, the condition of deprivation inevitably creates children of the A and B series.

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*”Istat statistics on poverty” reference period year 2018, published by Istat on 18 June 2019.