With my face

With my face

December 3rd, on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Fabrica presents WITH MY FACE, a short documentary that captures the life, the experience and the stories of four women with genetic syndromes, that go far beyond a diagnosis.

Directed by the young creative Portuguese Madalena Silva Carlos, currently resident at Fabrica, WITH MY FACE is a journey through the deconstruction of labels and preconceptions.

As Madalena declares: WITH MY FACE was born from a personal desire to challenge assumptions and preconceived notions around genetic syndromes.
When I set out to produce this film, I was looking to find people that would put their trust on me to tell their stories the way they are meant to be told. One of my biggest goals was to change the imagery presented in the media by telling a more real and unfiltered truth about this reality.
Filmed remotely between Portugal and Italy, WITH MY FACE was shoot in the middle of a global pandemic. The resources were very limited, but those online conversations turned out to be all what was necessary.
Between humour, love, sports and beautiful dollhouses the result is a conversation with no filter and a story that goes beyond any differences.