World Wide Quarantine
03-11-2020 — 30-11-2020

World Wide Quarantine

Do you think this virus is teaching us something that we did not know before? What is this pandemic forcing humans to face? What will the future be like? How would you call this virus?

These are some of the questions we asked to the international creative community – artists, photographers, designers, musicians, video-makers – in Spring 2020 during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 emergency.

Testimonies and thoughts by the community have become a documentary describing this unique historical moment and fixing it in our memory.

Simone Barlaam, athlete, Italy
Yilian Canizares, musician, Switzerland
Ernesttico, musician, Cuba
Gabo Gesualdi, multimedia director, Argentina
Maximilian Glas, photographer, Germany
Bea Van Grutten, designer, The Netherlands
Cory Hills, performing artist, USA
Meric Kara, designer, Turkey
Namiko Kitaura, photographer, Japan
Czar Kristoff, artist, Philippines
Deborah Latouche, fashion stylist, UK
Steve Lidbury, designer, UK
Tamu McPherson, digital creator, Jamaica
Richard Morgan, photographer, UK
Mirella Musri, illustrator, Argentina
Karen Oetling, designer, Mexico
Maria Pavliuk, photographer, Ukraine
Suzanne Savage, musician, Ireland
Joshua Ray Stephens, illustrator, USA
Rojin Shafiei, artist, Canada
Nikola Tosic, designer, Serbia
Gianluca Urdiroz, photographer, UK
Sergio Villareal, mixologist, Mexico

Miriam Pittioni is an Italian copywriter and content strategist. She has been collaborating with Fabrica and United Colors of Benetton since January 2019. Together with a team of creatives, she takes care of the content creation for Benetton’s Instagram channel and supports Fabrica’s projects.

Born in 1998 in Bucharest, Romania, Alexandra Vogel studied filmmaking and worked in the production and post-production of cinema. In 2020 she received a one-year residency at Fabrica, where she works now as a multimedia creator.

Tuesday 3rd Nov 2020 — Monday 30th Nov 2020