La Gente Resta


A film by Maria Tilli produced by Fabrica with RaiCinema

La Gente Resta is a docufilm based on an idea by Lea Dicursi, directed by Maria Tilli, screenplay by Laura Grimaldi and produced by Fabrica with RaiCinema. It tells the story of a family in Tamburi, a section of Taranto (Puglia), and their decision to not move away from their native land. La Gente Resta obtained the Special Jury Award for Italiana.doc at the 33rd Torino Film Festival.

Tamburi is the most polluted district in Italy. It’s home to ILVA, the largest steelmaking plant in Europe, whose smokestacks loom over the tiny, almost fresh-water gulf called Mar Piccolo. It’s also the lifelong home of the Resta brothers: Cosimo, Tonino and Giuseppe, three lives spent between the sea and their factory jobs, between fear for their health and the desire to stay where they were born.

This is a world of contradictions: while ILVA has brought jobs and convinced many to abandon their fishing nets, it has also brought dioxins and human peril.

While many, over the years, have left this land in anger or resignation, others have decided to stay. The Resta family is a small community where children test their limits, teens grow idle and adults live broken, desultory lives.

“Telling the story of the Resta family was almost inevitable,” recalls Maria Tilli, “once I had seen the fishing boat Resta Mario and the family members cleaning their nets.”

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