Merry Fabrica


Saturday 18 December Fabrica reopens its doors for Merry Fabrica, a day of shopping, workshops, entertainment for children, exhibitions, music, street food and lots of creativity.

An unmissable opportunity to look for original gift ideas or simply spend some time immersed in the beautiful architecture of Tadao Ando.

Numerous makers have joined the initiative – all with particular attention to the responsible use of materials – with a very wide range of products: clothing, bijoux, fashion accessories, floral art, items for children, contemporary souvenirs, design objects, furniture, prints, illustrations, books and seeds for urban agriculture.

Fabrica (design productions, photography experiences, stationary, prints and books); Atelier Dissegna; Benetton Timeless Edition, BlancharmeCa’ Against Fast FashionCa’ de Memi; Case Armoniche; CycledFilwood FilosophyI fiori che verrannoJonathan BoccaJulsLost & FoundLovatMaison 203ManufabrikaMarica ZottinoMarinai.coNel dubbio stampoOz ObjectsPaFFF! studioPiccolo SeedsPina Pì BagsREDO UpcyclingRRAROSara’s PaperShanti RanchettiStudio PaolinTrentinelliUllalà Cappelli.

“I recycle a story”, animated show with the Trabiccolo dei Sogni
Free upon reservation

Let’s look inside these old and dusty suitcases! A boot? But whose was it? And this red cape? What about this sparkling blue dress? These objects will be the protagonists of a new story that children will invent and that an illustrator will draw.

Il Trabiccolo dei Sogni is made up of hardened players, daydreamers, gourmets of stories, skilled hands and attentive ears. It has been working alongside children for years, offering them experiences to tell each other, to express themselves and to play, making everyone feel unique, important and special.

Open to children aged 4 to 11 accompanied by only one parent.

Duration: about 1 hour
Limited places, reservations at by December 15th.

“Io canto il Corpo Elettrico”, illustration workshop with Lucio Schiavon
Free upon reservation

Can the soul be given shape? Large sheets of transparent paper placed on large windows become the canvas for drawing one’s body and the essence it contains.
The sign will tell us who we are.

Participants are asked, at the time of registration, for a short presentation where they tell who they are, what they do and what prompted them to enroll in the workshop. In case of requests exceeding the availability of places, this presentation will be used for the selection of participants. All the necessary material will be made available by the organization.

Lucio Schiavon is an illustrator and graphic designer born in Venice. He has collaborated with Fabrica, La Biennale di Venezia, Armando Testa Agency. He illustrates books for the Nuages publishing house in Milan and has exhibited at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation. He won the International Motion Art Award in New York and the Interfilm Festival in Berlin with two animated shorts.

Duration: about 2 hours
Limited places, reservations at by December 13th.

“Tornado”, live concert by Charlie Risso and her band.
Free admission upon availability

Written by Charlie Risso, refined composer who musically places herself between Lana Del Rey, Nick Drake and Mazzy Star, “Tornado” is a journey between dream and matter suspended in a limbo made of lights and dark brushstrokes. Indie / dreampop / rock is the fully successful setting for a work that has had great success for its soft intriguing atmospheres.
Defined by Rolling Stone as “visionary and surreal cinematic poetry”.

Brambù – Veneto-Piedmontese specialties made with high quality raw materials supplied by artisanal micro-producers.

Marendin – good and genuine sweets like grandma made them served on a colorful cargo bike.

With the patronage of the municipality of Villorba.


Saturday 18 December

Free entrance with mandatory Green Pass.

Via Postioma, 54/F
Catena di Villorba (Tv)