Past Present Future Tense


Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday 7 July at 3pm CEST, multifaceted artist Davide Balliano will hold an online lecture entitled “Past, Present, Future Tense”

As an author, Davide Balliano regards his practice as a labor grounded in the consideration of the human experience, finalized to the production of thought igniting objects. His research doesn’t operate as a direct reflection of our time, but rather as a translation of the mysterious dynamics that regulate our nature and the environment surrounding us. A daily practice sourcing from the understanding of art as the articulation of a set of thoughts, the testimony of a thesis that, to be shared and argued into conversation, must be translated into tangible existence. It must occupy space to demand time. It requires time to own its space.

“In my progress, I wonder cheerfully blind, surrounded by kind but overpowering nature: a forgiving Subject that allows me to play, gently reminding me that’s just what I’m doing. And play along I will, hopeful to be allowed at a point to graduate from the chaos of the emotions to the order of the possible”, tells Davide Balliano who will share with us how he’s found his order.

Free event, in English
Platform: Zoom

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Photo credit: María Sprowls Cervantes