Pleasure and Commitment


Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday 15 September from 3 to 4pm CEST, Barbara Soalheiro, Brazilian journalist, writer and founder at Mesa Company, will hold the online lecture Pleasure and Commitment.

Mesa means table in Portuguese. Tables are a perfect combination of pleasure (it’s where you drink and eat with family and friends) and commitment (it’s where you sign stuff and produce work). It’s the perfect name for a team-based work system designed to solve complex challenges by making people love work. Truly love it. To the point that they sometimes pay for it.

For the last 10 years, Mesa has been working with decision makers in some of the largest companies in the world (Google, Facebook, Netflix, IBD, Bayer) and with the coolest doers of our time (Kobe Bryant, Perry Chen, Dario Calmese, Ida Benedetto) to help them create concrete solutions to challenges that have no benchmark.
Everytime a specific team is put together to work for a few days – either in presence or remotely – and with different business models. In each Mesa, people come out transformed and reconnected to work in a way they forgot.
In this talk, Barbara will share more about what makes Mesa so meaningful and what makes humans love working.

To attend the lecture, please register at this link.

Free event, in English
Platform: Zoom


Barbara Soalheiro
A Brazilian born, who has lived in England, Spain, India and Italy, Barbara is the founder at Mesa Company and a partner at Flagcx. She started her career in Journalism, working at Editora Abril (the biggest publishing house in Latin America), first as an editor at Superinteressante, then as editor-in-chief of Capricho. In 2008, Barbara joined Fabrica and Colors, where she became editor-in-chief, helping to launch the first magazine using Augmented Reality and the website that turned Colors into a collaborative platform. Back to Brazil, she worked as a Creative Director at Cubocc and founded Mesa, a company that has been pointed out as one of the most efficient and innovative models in the world by people at SXSW, GOOD Magazine and Cannes Creativity Festival.

Barbara is also an author: her book Como Fazíamos Sem won a Jabuti, Brazil’s most prestigious literary prize. Leading Mesa Company, she has built a global operation with offices in São Paulo, New York and LA and a network of professionals spread around the globe. Accra, New Zealand, Athens, London, Belo Horizonte are just a few of the cities where Mesa has been in the last decade, helping governments, professionals and companies make bold moves in a world of constant change.