Shame and Soul


A documentary about two hearts that beat as one

“Shame and Soul” is Fabrica’s latest production for Imago Mundi | Luciano Benetton Collection. In this documentary, filmed by Marco Pavan in January 2017, British photographer Giles Duley and Syrian artist Semaan Khawam, exiled in Lebanon, both present in their respective Imago Mundi collections, dialogue with each other through their own art. Duley, an old friend of Fabrica, has been attracted by Khawan’s artwork featured in the Syrian catalogue of the Imago Mundi collection. Thanks to Fabrica and Imago Mundi, Duley and Khawan could meet in Beirut, where Khawan has been living since 1988, when he had to escape from Syria.

In Beirut, Khawan paints and Duley takes photos. Khawan speaks about the shame we all should feel because of the situation of the Syrian people; according to Duley, what defines an artist is his soul, that can not accept any label or classification. Both discover that no barriers exist between human beings, when hearts beat as one.  At the end of the documentary, Duley takes Khawam to a refugee camp and Khawan is so impressed by what he sees that he wants to return there, to hold a workshop for the children living in the camp.

The documentary was premiered in Palermo within the exhibition “Mediterranean Routes“, the exhibition that Imago Mundi has dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea, crossroad of people, cultures and stories.

Imago Mundi is the non-profit contemporary art project promoted by Luciano Benetton: artists from around the world, established and emerging, take up the challenge of the same medium, a 10×12 cm canvas; to date 20,000 artists from 120 countries, regions and peoples, have become involved in the project. The result is a mosaic of stories, passions, dreams, actions and contradictions, where each work lives by its own light but at the same time is part of a global image.