Social Addiction


The first series conceived, set, directed and to watch on a smartphone.

People’s choices now go through their smartphones – regardless if they are about trivial or essential issues. In this virtual place there are endless stories, aesthetics, poetries, and reality. Social Addiction is the first series in five episodes that takes place (and is thought to be seen) entirely on your smartphone. It talks about three people by showing only what happens on the screens of their telephones.

Gloria, Gianni and Michele write messages, send videos and photos to each other, mixing WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Instagram and using a lot of emoticons. They get interrupted by phone calls, intrusions by other contacts, empty batteries. Sometimes the conversation stays still and curiosity arises about the answer that hesitates to arrive. While the letters on the touchscreen compose sentences and links are pasted, the viewer tries to understand the relationships among the three characters. At first it seems a love triangle, where Gloria and Gianni are secret lovers and Michele is Gloria’s official relationship, but you soon get to discover this is not true…

Social Addiction is an animated mini-series in five episodes produced with screen-recording technology. It captures all the interactions happening in the screen of a smartphone: messages, phone calls, multimedia contents.
The first screen was recorded with the default program available on QuickTime, while for the second screen a common screen-record app was used. Both of them were then cut and edited in motion-graphics so that the duration of the conversation was maintained, although compressed. In this way smartphones come alive in a series of episodes where, by changing the point of view (which is the screen of the smartphone), you change your perspective on the story, until you get to the final surprise.

Giovanni Galassi (Rome, 1992) graduated in Linguistics and worked as assistant director on several movies. He is now a screenwriter and story editor for cinema and tv shows.

Tommaso Matano (Rome, 1990) studied philosophy, new media and digital narratives. He works as screenwriter and editorial consultant for cinema and television.

WARNING: take your smartphone, turn the audio on and play the video fullscreen.

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