Within the Fabrica Creative Labs, on Wednesday 26 May from 3.00 to 4.00pm CEST, Carlos Casas, filmmaker and visual artist, will hold an online lecture entitled SOUND, SOUND, SOUND.

Carlos Casas has a special interest in sound and soundscapes and his work encompasses film, sound and visual art.

He will discuss his sound research and the new physiological dimension of his practice, introducing sound as a new catalyst for contemporary artistic forms. He will also share his recent projects, from CEMETERY to the MAHALLA soundscape, up to his latest research KRAKATOA, and the sonic turning point of his path.

The lecture will be a journey into sound, from elephant communication, volcanic seismic signals, and human sound ecology footprints.

Creative director of Colors Music and Films from 2005 to 2008 Carlos Casas realized audiovisual projects and music researches in various regions around the world, culminated in the END trilogy, three documentaries dedicated to the most extreme environments of the planet: Patagonia, Aral Sea and Siberia.

Parallel to the films, Carlos Casas realizes a series of Fieldworks (single-channel videos or installations taken during inspections or shooting breaks of his films) and presents his revisited works in the form of live-media, combining projections and live music.

His films have been screened and awarded in festivals around the world, like the Venice International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, CPH:DOX Copenhagen, Buenos Aires International Film Festival and FID Marseille. His work has been exhibited and performed in international art institutions and galleries, such as Tate Modern in London, Fondation Cartier, Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou in Paris, and La Triennale in Milan, among others.

He is visiting professor at Dartmouth College USA, ESCAC Barcelona and ECAM Madrid. Where he teaches Sonic Landscapes, Audio-Vision, and Expanded Ethnography.

Free event, in English
Platform: Zoom
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