Projections of possible and impossible futures

»SF is storytelling and fact telling; it is the patterning of possible worlds and possible times, material-semiotic worlds, gone, here, and yet to come.« — Donna Haraway, 2016

With »otherworlding«, the AW/22/23 residents tackle new attitudes and other ways of creating projections of possible and impossible futures, pushing the limits of imagination and the production of new narratives.

Putting an emphasis on creators that provide new ways of dealing with far-reaching ideas or creations of worlds and alternative environments, they show us how to use the whole spectrum of technologies to provide new visions and incite new prophesies.

Research oriented attitude with Science Fiction at its core and under the influence of theories by Nelson Goodman, Donna Haraway, Ursula Le Guin, Federico Campagna, and others, this semester has been a rollercoaster of sensations and storytelling, pushing the physical experiences to the limit.

As Haraway observes: »It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties.« — Donna Haraway, 2016, p. 12

The notion of »otherworlding« refers to the act of ultimate creation propelled by the collision of human-non-human enmeshment and the prophetic character of new artistic practices, sowing new worlds and environments. Through this process a particular »world« emerges from the individual’s engagement with a number of interrelated phenomena; removing the boundaries between subject and environment, between realities and possible worlds. This semester is a celebration of human’s ability to project beyond their reach and capacities, to imagine.

RESEARCH KEYWORDS: worldmaking, science fiction, environments, supernatural, affective nature, phenomena, alterglobalisation, terrapolis, embody, semiotic, material.

Program Director

Carlos Casas

Visual Artist and filmmaker [ES]

Filmmaker and visual artist Carlos Casas conducts research in which film (documentary filmmaking), visual arts and music are incessantly intertwined and overlapped. Basing himself on the idea/guide of recording audio and video content directly in the field, without altering in the slightest the situations he comes across, Casas explores the most geographically, psychologically or socially extreme environments on the planet.

Following his entry into Fabrica in 1998, he made the short film »Afterwords«, which was presented at the Venice and Rotterdam film festivals. »Daylight of a Favela« (2003) was his first full-length documentary (52 minutes long), and was shot in the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro. The next year saw the release of the first episode of »End«, the trilogy of films dedicated to those who live in extreme, remote situations on »Planet Earth: Aral«. »Fishing in an Invisible Sea« is the extraordinary tale of the lives of three generations of fishermen on Lake Aral in central Asia, set against the backdrop of one of the most serious environmental disasters ever perpetrated by Man.


Vanessa De Michelis

Artist & educator [BR]

Vanessa De Michelis (b.1983, BeloHorizonte) is an artist and educator who lives and works in London. Her artistic practice consists of soundscape compositions and live electronics performances that have been exhibited and performed in art institutions such as Museo Reina Sofia, Berlinale - Arsenal, Museo de Arte Sonoro Buenos Aires and at the Red Bull Station São Paulo. Her work has been the subject of several research articles on sound studies and books on sound art histories, such as Making it heard: a History of Brazilian Sound Art ( Chaves and Iazzetta, 2019, Bloomsbury) and Handmade Electronic Music (Collins, 2021, 3rd ed, Routledge). Vanessa also works as a learning and engagement consultant in the context of arts education programmes and as a permanent staff member in the Library and Learning Zone Department at Central Saint Martins. She holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Cultural Policy from Birkbeck - University of London.

Filipa Ramos

Writer, lecturer & curator [PT]

Lisbon-born Filipa Ramos, is a writer and curator whose research focuses on how culture addresses ecology. Interested in the relationship between contemporary art and the cinema, her research focuses on how moving images address environmental and ecological topics, in particular on the modes in which artist’s cinema fosters interspecies relationships across humans, non-humans and machines.

Simone Bertuzzi

Artist & Researcher [IT]

In 2003 he co-founded Invernomuto, an audiovisual research duo with numerous national and international participations in the areas of visual arts and music. In 2009 he created the Palm Wine project, an opening towards the movements of sounds and imaginaries in the post-global world.


Emanuele Coccia

Philosopher [IT]

23rd September 2022

»Otherworlding« opening Lecture »Loving the Planet«

Emanuele Coccia has been exploring the concept of metamorphosis in fields like zoology, philosophy, biology, linguistics, botany and literature. The result is a vision in which the human being is the expression of a larger and more interconnected form of life, in a new relationship between humanity and nature.

Neil Leonard

Composer, saxophonist and trans-disciplinary artist [USA]

29th September 2022

»Otherworlding« workshop & Live performance »Healing Wind«

»Healing Wind« is a response to Ando's statement. »I don’t believe architecture has to speak too much. It should remain silent and let nature in the guise of sunlight and wind«. In »Healing Wind«, the current of air is a metaphor for social change. The work is created for the post-Covid era that presents a unique opportunity for work within the arts that can support local, national and global healing.

Alice Bucknel

Artist and writer [UK]

5th October 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Ways of Worlding«

Alice Bucknell presents an immersive look into the worlding process that shapes her interdisciplinary practice, which combines speculative fiction and game engines to envision future environments merging architecture, magic, ecology and non-human intelligence.

Dean Brown

Multi-disciplinary Designer [GB-SCT]

20th October 2022

»Fabrica Legacy« lecture »before, during, and after Fabrica«

Ramon De Marco

Sound scenographer [CH]

9th November 2022

»Fabrica Legacy« lecture »Sound Scenography: the Art of Designing Sound for Spaces«

Andreas Greiner

Artist [DE]

10th November 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Art=Nature, an ancient Dichotomy«

Andreas Greiner works with time-based sculptures incorporating dynamic and uncontrollable variables. His creative aim is to push the boundaries of classical parameters in sculpture. The content of his work focuses on the anthropogenic influence on nature’s evolution and form.

Phill Nilblock

Composer and filmmaker [USA]

15th-17th November 2022

»Otherworlding« workshop and concert

Phill Niblock’s »Intermedia Art« features a combination of minimalist music, conceptual art, structural cinema, systematic or non verbal theatre that has actively contributed to transform our perception and experience of time.

Katherine Liberovskaya

Video Artist [CAN]

15th-17th November 2022

»Otherworlding« workshop and concert

Katherine Liberovskaya predominantly focuses on the intersection of image and sound, in solo video-audio installation/environments and often in collaborations with composers and sound artists notably in live video+sound performance.

Cosimo Bizzarri

Editor and Copywriter [IT]

14th November 2022

»Fabrica Legacy« lecture »The Colors canon«

Libby Heaney

Artist and PhD quantum Physicist [UK]

18th November 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »The plural possibilities of quantum«

Libby Heaney uses immersive installations, performance, humour and surrealism to investigate the plural possibilities of quantum. As the first artist to use quantum computing in 2019, her latest works use this tool as a medium and a paradigm through which to explore hybrid, slimy, shapeshifting temporalities as a way to enable queer technological, social, political and ecological change.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen

Visual artist [DK]

23rd of November 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Sensing the Unseen«

Jakob Kudsk Steensen is focused on environmental storytelling through 3D animation, spatial sound and enveloping installations. He creates poetic interpretations about overlooked natural phenomena through collaborations with field biologists, composers and writers.

Marina Vitaglione

Visual artist and photo editor [FR]

29th of November 2022

»Fabrica Legacy« lecture »Visual art and climate change: using photography to raise awareness on environmental issues«

Tarik Barri

Audiovisual musician and Software developer [NL]

30th of November 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Composing visual music«

Tarik Barri explores new synergies and aesthetics in combinations of image and sound. Despite the growing popularity of visuals at music performances, their true power within musical contexts remains in many ways under-explored.


Artist [IT]

13th of December 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Gazing Machines«

Quayola employs technology as a lens to explore the tensions and equilibriums between seemingly opposing forces: the real and artificial, figurative and abstract, old and new. Constructing immersive installations, he engages with and re-imagines canonical imagery through contemporary technology.

Yehwan Song

Web artist and designer [KOR]

13th of December 2022

»Otherworlding« lecture »Dynamic Circulation«

Throughout her practice, Yehwan Song explores the border between the Web, physical space and dynamic circulation. She designs and develops experimental websites and interactive graphics driven by content structure instead of static templates and web design conventions. Through her projects, she tries to flip the general understanding of web design and subvert common user-experience behaviours.

Nonhuman Nonsense

Research driven design and art studio [Berlin based]

13th of December 2022

»Otherworlding« workshop & Lecture »Pink chickens, talking stones and other nonsense«

The team, made of Leo Fidjeland, Linnea Våglund and Filips Staņislavskis, creates near-future fabulations and experiments somewhere between utopia and dystopia. They seek to transmute our relationship to the non-human, by embracing the contradictory and the paradoxical – telling stories that open the public imaginary to futures that currently seem impossible.

Theresa Wong

Composer, Cellist and Vocalist [USA]

1st of February 2023

»Fabrica Legacy« concert »flency of trees«

Ian Cheng

Artist [USA]

8th of February 2023

»Otherworlding« lecture »Worlding«

Ian Cheng is an artist living and working in New York. Cheng has produced a series of simulations exploring an agent’s capacity to deal with an ever-changing environment. These works culminated in the Emissaries trilogy, which introduced a narrative agent whose motivation to enact a story was set into conflict with the open-ended chaos of the simulation.

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