Residency OLD

Creativity is unusual stuff.

Don’t you think so?

Fabrica is primarily a meeting place that lives and is transformed through a continuous exchange of experiences, using a methodology that borrows the concept of “learning by doing” from the Renaissance workshop.


The training process and cross-interaction among the various disciplines are the guidelines of Fabrica’s activities.

Even its architecture is witness to this: an old villa, restored and augmented by one of the most renowned contemporary architects, Tadao Ando


like a bridge thrown between the past and the future


with cement roots solidly anchored into the earth and columns that stretch into the emptiness to hold up the sky.

Fabrica is not a school, an advertising agency or a university.


It is a cultural center of artistic and communication competence, an incubator of talent.


Every six months a group of young, talented creatives – 25 years old or under – selected from all over the world undertakes a training and research path through photography, visual communication, interaction design, video and writing.

The semester is curated by a Program Director selected within the Fabrica Alumni network who, after their residency at Fabrica, have distinguished themselves for having achieved important results in the creative field.


Through engaging methodologies, the Program Director stimulates and encourages the researchers to develop their projects and produce groundbreaking communications.


The Program consists of a series of workshops, conferences, screenings and seminars involving international mentors, visionary artists and professionals who accompany the young creatives in their research path.


The residents also participate in a series of international competitions such as the “Future Lions”, “Plastic is not the Enemy” by Rossana Orlandi or the “Mobile Film Festival”; team building activities; production of creative contents for Fabrica’s social accounts and collaborations for companies and third-party organizations.

Information about the residency


Semester A

Submissions are closed

Semester B

Deadline: 31 December 2022

What we offer

Full access to the premises of Fabrica: library, cinema, photo studio, laboratories and meeting places.

A calendar of workshops and lectures, both in presence and online, curated by the Program Director. Internationally renowned personalities collaborate with Fabrica.

The possibility to create a 6-month long project to be presented at the end of the residency.

Staff’s support to produce and promote the projects.

Free lodging in the center of Treviso, a town allocated 10 km from Fabrica.

Lunch from Monday to Friday at the cafeteria of Benetton Group.

Access to IT equipment and tools.

Health insurance.