Anth Asti Prarambh

Anth Asti Prarambh

Anth Asti Prarambh or Nāsti Strī Samā Chhāyā Nāsti Strī Samā Gatih Nāsti Strī Samā Trānam (womxn is the shadow, womxn is the shelter).


Exploring trauma and personal memory, this project focuses on how they connect us to generations of womxn of the past, present,
and future. The artist aspires to create a curative space that welcomes her and the participants’ ancestors, connecting and healing with them through shared trauma.


This way, the trauma creates a safe place to connect and heal collectively.

She/Her | New Media Artist | New Delhi, India


Originally from New Delhi, India, Aashna is a new media performance and installation artist. Her work usually falls under the Indian contemporary aesthetics – with the colors, fabrics, and movement.


In her current research, she attempts to explore trauma and the themes of Epigenetic trauma in womxn. She questions issues of everyday life, giving them a different perspective through philosophical theories.


And using the means of self-ethnography, she tries to create platforms for the audience to connect and heal collectively.