Archaism: origins of the future

Archaism: origins of the future

Fabrica’s Spring-Summer programme of 2023 – curated by Carlos Casas.


This semester’s theme, introduced by Tim Ingold’s opening lecture Ways of remembering, ways of longing – is Archaism. Dealing with new ancestral and vernacular attitudes in contemporary culture, it is a return to the archetypes of our civilisations encouraging humanity to go back to harmonic habits which have been lost in the tide of time. A new awakening to our archaic values, to autochtonous and indigenous thinking, to an essential connection to the natural world.


This semester we welcome 18 new residents:

Aashna Arora, India
Aitana Ahrens, Spain
Alice Nascimben, Italy
Alex Darbyshire, Australia
Alexander Gabriel Albanese, Italy
Borja Rodriguez, Spain
Camille Rieu Camilleri, France
Charlotte Van Alfen, The Netherlands
Ellen Owens, Ireland
Erik Alfredo Martinez, Dominican Republic
Jay Watson, Usa
Lucas Variz, Brazil
Lucca Reis, Brazil
Mina Lee, Korea
Piotr Mikhaylov, France
Leo Koda, Japan
Ram Harikrishnan, India
Thales Prediger, Brazil

The programme will welcome different guests from all over the world and from different art fields such as:


Tim Ingold
Enrico Malatesta/Attila Faravelli
Kensuke Koike
Haaron Mirza
Marten Spangberg
Rie Nakajima
Carl Stone
Dora Budor
And more….