Tim Ingold / Ways of remembering, ways of longing

Tim Ingold / Ways of remembering, ways of longing

On 16 March at 3pm CET the renowned anthropologist Tim Ingold will officially open the 2023 Spring/Summer session of Fabrica’s artistic residency program with an online lecture titled Ways of remembering, ways of longing.

We are used to thinking of generations past, present and future as layers that stack up. From our stand in the present, we project the future, while depositing the past as heritage or archive. But what if life itself was the ever-regenerative movement of following, into the future, the ways of ancestors who have gone before us? Here, generations do not so much stack up as turn.

The theme of Fabrica’s March-July 2023 residency program is “Archaism”, dealing with new ancestral and vernacular attitudes in contemporary culture. A return to the archetypes of our civilisations encouraging humanity to go back to harmonic habits which have been lost in the tide of time. A new awakening to our archaic values, to autochtonous and indigenous thinking, to an essential connection to the natural world.

The program, curated by the Spanish artist and director Carlos Casas, consists of a series of workshops and lectures by mentors and international experts who accompany Fabrica’s young creatives in a research path which will culminate with a live exhibition in July 2023. All the events are open to the public.

For the new semester 17 young creatives from 13 countries have been selected: India, Spain, Italy, Australia, Netherland, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Usa, Brasil, Korea, France, Russia, Japan.

Thursday 16th Mar 2023 — 15:00 - 16:00